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  • Bulktect Container Entladung

    Rhenus Bulktec

    Intermodal bulk material transport in standard ISO containers

  • Bulktec - Goods

    Rhenus Bulktec

    Particularly suitable for powdery products and those with unfavourable flow characteristics.

  • Rhenus Bulktec - Transportation

    Rhenus Bulktec

    Own loading and unloading equipment

  • Rhenus Bulktec

    Rhenus Bulktec

    Storage, training, quality control

Rhenus BULKTEC is revolutionising the transport packaging for bulk materials!

Packaging, reloading, unloading, unpacking: a great deal of time and space is lost when transporting bulk materials in containers.

That is now a thing of the past!

Using a new procedure, Rhenus Bulktec is able to directly load goods into ISO containers for the first time. Thanks to this innovative technology, your goods are treated with care and additional refilling and transport procedures are now unncessary.

About Rhenus BULKTEC

  • Wholly owned by Rhenus SE. Founded in 2014.
  • Intermodal bulk material transport in standard ISO containers
  • Global logistics, services and technology from one source.
  • Many decades of experience in intermodal container transport
  • Own loading and unloading equipment

Benefits of Rhenus Bulktec

Reduction in process steps

Using the Bulktec system, the bulk material is blown into a tough plastic inlay that lines the standard ISO container and therefore protects the goods.At the destination, the goods are blown directly out of the container into a silo.The BULKTEC system is dust-free, safe and fast.

Increased use of the payload capacity

The key feature with this new technology is the markedly improved use of the payload capacity. Using 20’ or 40’ containers enables operators to combine a wide variety of flows of goods. This cuts transport costs significantly. Compared to transporting a 40’ container with big bags, savings of about one third are possible in the costs of sending an average bulk density from Germany to Asia.

Using standard ISO containers, which are available worldwide

Bulk materials are usually transported in containers in international supply chains – either in special bulk commodity containers or in individual packages. In the past the goods always had to be packed, reloaded, unloaded and then unpacked again, which was very costly and time-intensive. That has now changed: using the new procedure, both the loading and unloading and the transport of powdery products will not only be quicker and cheaper in future, but also safer and more hygienic. Using the Bulktec system, a standard maritime container is equipped with an inlay made of plastic (Linerbag). The goods are then blown into the container directly from a silo using air pressure and blown out again at the destination.

Overall logistics concept

The Rhenus Group offers extensive customised solutions with its network of over 500 business sites worldwide and more than 26,000 employees. It provides overall logistics concepts from one source.
Rhenus Bulktec offers tailor-made warehousing solutions and individual, door-to-door transport solutions without any investment costs for customers.

Rhenus Bulktec services

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