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The BULKTEC principle

BULKTEC is a procedure for filling bulk materials into standard ISO containers so that it is possible to achieve a very high filling level. The goods, e.g. maize starch, are blown into a thin plastic sack (inlay) that lines the interior of the container. The system is not only hygienically clean, but also makes ideal use of the payload capacity.

  • The bulk material is blown into a standard ISO container.
  • The container is equipped with a tough plastic liner, which protects the goods.
  • The goods are blown out of the container directly into a silo at the destination.
  • This makes maximum use of the space in the containers.
  • The system is dust-free, safe and fast.

Rhenus Bulktec Loading

BULKTEC technology


  • Standard 20', 40' or 40' high cube containers (ISO code 22G1, 42G1, 45G1)
  • Horizontal loading of the container; the container remains on the truck chassis
  • Materials handled with care, fast injection rate of up to 60 t/h
  • Loaded directly from a tower silo or a silo truck
  • Dust-free and safe with an integrated filter system; suitable for food products and explosion-proof
  • Mobile system, integration within customer process controls via PLC

Rhenus Bulktec Unloading


  • Mobile unloading system with a “clip-on” system connected to the container.
  • Unloading via a tipping chassis or tipping table
  • Materials handled with care and fast – unloading capacity of up to 30 t/h
  • Unloading directly into a tower silo
  • Complete unloading without any residue in the container

BULKTEC – Packaged Cleverly

Rhenus Logistics People

Bulktec is revolutionising transport packaging for bulk cargo

Packing, reloading, unloading, unpacking: a great deal of time and space is lost when transporting bulk cargo in containers. This is now history! Rhenus offers its customers a direct loading process into ISO containers with its new Bulktec process – thanks to innovative technology. This protects the goods and makes superfluous any additional refilling and transport processes.



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