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BULKTEC Customers and Projects

This young technology is already exciting the first customers. It is not only possible to optimise transport operations as a result, but the procedure allows companies to set up storage facilities quickly.

For example, Rhenus is currently storing several thousand tonnes of sugar for one customer. “The customer has a very flexible storage facility and is very satisfied,” says the managing director of Rhenus Bulktec. 

Alongside the technology, Rhenus Bulktec has organised containers, equipped them with inlays and trained employees, who handle the quality control and provide the transport services.

Rhenus Bulktec “sugar storage” project


  • 20‘ containers
  • Reachstackers
  • Storage and handling space
  • Liner bags
  • Supplying and operating the loading/unloading systems
  • Transport by truck
  • 20‘ tipping chassis
  • Compressed air blowers
  • Container storage
  • Training courses, start-up procedures

Volumes / times

  • > 8,000 t 
  • > 300 containers
  • 12 months
  • Lead time:  6 weeks

Rhenus Bulktec “transporting starch” project


  • Liner bags
  • Global container transport (door-to-door)
  • Supplying, commissioning and operating the loading and unloading systems in Germany and Indonesia
  • Container storage
  • 40‘ tipping chassis in Asia
  • Compressed air blowers
  • Quality control
  • Training courses
  • Customs clearance

Volumen / times

  • >10,000 t
  • > 500 containers
  • 14 months
  • Lead time: 16 weeks

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